The education classroom of a certain brigade of the Air Force ground guide extends to the battlefield

“Contrast with the combat effectiveness standards, check what shortcomings and weaknesses we still have…” At the beginning of August, in an unfamiliar area in Saibei, an air-to-ground confrontation exercise of a brigade of the Air Force Ground Director of the Central Theater Command had just ended, and the officers and soldiers walked into the positional classroom and closely followed the exercise. Discussion and exchange of training tasks.

“The more arduous and dynamic the task is, the more attention must be paid to the ideological and political education of the troops.” The leaders of the brigade introduced that, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of education, they selected the backbone system to sort out the history of the brigade in combination with the actual training tasks, and put heroes Combat stories of characters, etc. are used as educational materials, taking advantage of mission breaks, training gaps and other opportunities to actively build positional classrooms on launch positions and equipment cabins, organize officers and soldiers to combine drills and practice to give insights and talk experiences, and promote it in flexible and diverse forms Education comes to mind.

Not long ago, the brigade went to an unfamiliar area to carry out field training. In the position class, He Dayong, an instructor of a certain battalion, told officers and soldiers about the glorious battle history of the revolutionary predecessors who shot down an enemy reconnaissance plane at night for the first time. Listening to the story of his predecessors, First Class Sergeant Gao Tian was deeply touched: “The baton of history has been handed over to our generation. Only with perseverance and strength can we live up to our heavy trust and mission.”

The classroom extends to the battlefield, and the journey of a strong army inspires fighting spirit. Recently, the brigade has strictly organized cross-day and night maneuvering combat drills, and the officers and soldiers have successfully completed the tasks of temporary maneuver transfer and special situation handling.