“When I saw ‘Kunpeng’, I burst into tears” – a side note of our Yun-20 crew participating in the Austrian “Airpower-2022” air show

We took two trains to come here, and we made a special trip to see ‘Kunpeng’. “I was very kind and excited to see the bright five-star red flag on the fuselage…” On September 3, local time, the two-day Austrian “Airpower-2022” air show came to an end. The -20 aircraft has received widespread attention, and many Chinese and overseas Chinese have made a special trip to watch the exhibition, and their excitement is beyond words.

“This time I was invited to participate in the Austrian Air Show, which enhanced the learning and exchanges with the air force of various countries, and showed the Chinese spirit to the world and spread the air and space culture.” Wang Tianfeng, a Chinese Air Force super pilot and captain of the Y-20, introduced that the crew did a good job In preparation for the exhibition, the Yun-20 took off from an airport in central China, flew for more than 10 hours, and flew nearly 10,000 kilometers one way to Zeltweg Airport.

During the air show, in the static exhibition area of ​​the Chinese Air Force Yun-20, the audience took pictures with the “Kunpeng”. “Thank you Chinese Air Force pilots! The badge is really beautiful, and I will keep it well.” After taking a group photo with the Y-20, a pair of father and daughter who came to visit carefully listened to Zhang Lizhi’s explanation on the relevant information of the Y-20, the The little girl was overjoyed holding the two Yun-20 badges she was given.

“‘Kunpeng’ appeared in Europe, and I felt the power of the five-star red flag even more.” Liu Wenli, the commander of the exhibition mission, introduced that the Yun-20 exhibition area was always surrounded by audiences in the past two days, and local Chinese and overseas Chinese came to watch with the five-star red flag. Exhibition to express patriotism. On social media, photos of Yun-20 were swiped, and they were praised as the “lovable and lovely Eagle of Peace”.

The Yun-20 is a military large-scale multi-purpose transport aircraft independently developed and produced by my country. In recent years, the Y-20 has traveled all over Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania, carrying out missions such as international humanitarian relief and transnational delivery of COVID-19 vaccines. This is the first time the Y-20 went to Europe to participate in an international air show.

“When I saw ‘Kunpeng’, I burst into tears! This is our own big plane, a symbol of China’s power, and a transmission of the Chinese spirit.” An overseas Chinese who came to the exhibition couldn’t hold back his excitement and returned. Then send a message to the crew.