The senior of a certain brigade of the PLA Rocket Army is inspired to boost the morale of the army

A Brigade of the Rocket Army

Inspiration from the ancestors to boost the morale of the army

People’s Liberation Army Daily reported that Xin Peihu and Feng Chenyang reported: In mid-August, a theatrical performance team of a certain brigade of the Rocket Army went to the field training ground of the brigade to perform a military-themed melodrama written and directed by itself. The play vividly reproduces the growth experience of some revolutionary ancestors and the classic battles they participated in, providing rich spiritual food for the officers and soldiers stationed in training.

“The heroism of the revolutionary ancestors has a strong appeal, which can boost the morale of the army and inspire the spirit of martial arts.” The leader of the brigade introduced that the current army is at a critical stage of transformation and construction. During the period of change and adjustment, morale did not drop. They cooperated with the resident Revolutionary Memorial Hall, local theaters and other units to select literary and artistic backbones to create and perform a variety of literary and artistic programs, and carried out regular education in the form of officers and soldiers, and achieved good results.

“Only by training hard and enhancing our skills can we live up to the bloodshed of our ancestors!” Yuan Youcheng, an instructor of a company of the brigade, was born in an old revolutionary base area, and the melodrama performed by the theatrical performance team deeply touched him. After the performance, Yuan Youcheng organized a series of cooperation activities in the company, which effectively stimulated the motivation of the officers and soldiers to train.

On this basis, the brigade also organized officers and soldiers to visit the red venues, recorded a series of micro-lectures on red stories, and guided the officers and soldiers to transform the motivation stimulated by the visit into the enthusiasm for training and preparing for war, and sang the song of a strong army on the training ground. fire of faith.

The spirit of the revolutionary ancestors will live forever, and inspire the younger generation to forge ahead. In the past few days, the brigade has organized a series of intensive training for newly transferred officers and soldiers.

On the way to the war, the theatrical performance team went to the front line to condolence to the officers and soldiers. After watching the performance, the newly transferred officers and soldiers were very excited, and they all said that they would stand on their posts and be strong in martial arts.