Russian media say the US controls more than 50 biological laboratories near the Russian border

Russia’s TASS news agency reported on the 3rd that more than 50 biological laboratories near the Russian border were modernized and controlled by the US Pentagon funded by the US. Another analysis believes that with the complete shutdown of the “North Stream-1” natural gas pipeline, natural gas prices may continue to rise, dragging down the European economy.

On the 3rd, the TASS news agency quoted Kirillov, the commander of the Russian radiation, chemical and biological protection force, as saying that there are more than 50 biological laboratories near the Russian border, which are funded by the US Pentagon for modernization and are controlled by the US.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenkov reported on the 3rd that during the visit of the International Atomic Energy Agency delegation to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, the Ukrainian side tried again to seize the nuclear power plant, but was repelled by the Russian army.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said in a live program on the “Russia-24” TV channel on the 2nd that Russia warned the United States not to take provocative measures, including providing Ukraine with longer-range and more destructive weapons systems. He said the deepening US involvement in the situation in Ukraine is a dangerous trend. Russia has repeatedly warned that when the United States supplies arms and otherwise provides Ukraine with direct support, the United States has virtually become a party to the conflict.

 Russia’s Gazprom (Gazprom) said on the 2nd that due to the discovery of multiple equipment failures, the “Beixi-1” natural gas pipeline will completely stop gas transmission until the fault is eliminated. Analysts pointed out that this situation makes the prospects of European countries facing a “gas shortage” worrying. Natural gas prices may continue to rise, pushing up inflation, dragging down the economy, and exacerbating the predicament of people’s livelihood.

Fitch Ratings expects a complete shutdown of Russia’s pipeline gas exports to Europe, which could lead to a recession in the European economy starting in the second half of this year, with the gross domestic product (GDP) of countries such as Germany and Italy contracting in 2023.

French Economy and Finance Minister Le Maire said on the 1st that if Russia’s natural gas supply is completely cut off, French economic growth may face major challenges. Natural gas will be one of the decisive factors for French economic growth in 2023.

This is a natural gas stove taken at a home in London, England on October 8, 2021. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Han Yan

A few days ago, a survey showed that in the four countries surveyed in France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom, the cost of living has become the most concerned issue for Europeans.